воскресенье, 9 марта 2014 г.

Program Statement

I’m not afraid of looking like an idiot even when chances are high that I’ll later prove to be one.
Hence the lofty title. Whether it’s going to be regarded as food for thought or politically agitated mind going wild, I don’t care.
My anxiety has been growing in the past few months as the events developed in Ukraine, nearly turning into utter fear after the murders at Maidan and Russian Federation’s aggression in the Crimea that followed.
But today I came to a conclusion that immediately cooled me down and helped to restore the equilibrium. The conclusion is primitive in its essence, nothing new at all: we can change nothing. Decisions have been made, they are being implemented, different parties go through boring rituals of expressing concern, sending signals, warning about consequences and taking steps that in no way are intended to affect any party’s material interests. Those resisting the implementation will have to face the consequences. their severity depending on how strong the resistance is.
Why am I saying it all in a blog that basically deals with freelancing? Well, based on the conclusion, freelancing makes even more sense that can be promoted to the rank of a policy, if you like. A freelancer can exist outside the system. Our interactions with the system are negligible and can be further reduced to zero if necessary.
In addition to the conclusion on our inability to change anything and as a co-conclusion or by-effect, we are only needed in two cases: to pay taxes and serve as tools to implement decisions made my unknown decision-makers and for unknown purposes. That’s another reason to get freelance and take care of the wellbeing for ourselves and the family in all aspects and by any means – including those that run against the morality and law. It’s just that steps should be taken in advance to avoid the consequences (two recommendations are: don't wear insignia, and prepare a basis to demonstrate the legitimacy of your actions.) Emotionally, it’s not something that I like very much, but looks like it’s the best – or even the only – way of securing one’s relative safety (very relative, indeed) or, possibly, survival, especially in view of things to come in the next few months or 4-6 years.
This is yet another occasion when I want to be wrong and don't mind finding later that I was an idiot. Time will show it soon.

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