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Рептилоиды не вымерли!

Диалог на форуме TranslatorsCafe:
Russian and Ukrainian native speakers
Our company is located in Kyiv, Ukraine.
We offer all kinds of translation services, including simultaneous translation.
We have plenty of russian & ukrainian native speakers, translations from 50 languages, 0.03$ per word.

Address: Artema st. 60, Kyiv, 04053, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (093) 0000 815, +38 (044) 484-38-67
E-mail: office@bvc.com.ua
Web site: http://bvc.com.ua/
RE: Russian and Ukrainian native speakers
QUOTE 0.03$ per word UNQUOTE
And how much do you pay the translators that work with you? 0.02$ per word? That's a shame! I would never collaborate with such an agency...
RE: Russian and Ukrainian native speakers
In the country with the living wage of 60$ the reality is that average translators' fee for a page is about 2$, which is approximately 250 words per page. It varies regardless of language, of course. There is a big difference between Ukraine and EU countries.
Успокаивает одно: в современных условиях рептилоиды живут недолго.

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